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Document Management for Your Business
Specializing in Document Capture and Management applications from popular commercial off-the-shelf vendors, as well as custom development and integration.
Applications and Utilities
We sell and support a range of in-house-developed applications and utilities worldwide, based on 20+ years of experience in application development. These include Kofax Export Connectors, Laserfiche Workflow Activities and the like. Please see our Products page for a complete list of options.
Product Integration
One of our niches is integration between existing line of business applications and document imaging and management systems, for a powerful combination that provides paperless office capabilities, with minimal learning curve. See Products for a list of existing integrations, or contact us with your specific requirements.
Data Conversion Services
We have 20 years experience converting to and from the common and not so common document management system formats, including your own in-house developed applications. These include FileNet, LibertyNET, Papervision, DocStar, Docushare, Captiva, ImageNow, Optika, OTG/Legato/App Xtender, Stellent, Watermark, Laserfiche and Onbase. Please Contact Us for information or a quote.
About Us
Founded in 1997, Bluelake Software is a valued added reseller (VAR) and systems integrator specializing in electronic Document Management and related technologies. In addition, we provide software tools to customers and other resellers, that integrate document capture and document management technologies with popular line of business applications.
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Our customers include a variety of Financial, Health Care, Education, Government, Manufacturing and Legal companies ranging from small businesses to the Fortune 100. Our customer base extends across the U.S. plus Canada & Mexico, and our packaged integrations and utilities are used worldwide.
Bluelake Document Imaging is a Value-Added Reseller for Laserfiche, Kofax and Onbase. In addition, we offer a range of utilities and integrations for consumers of these popular Document Management applications, as well as other Line of Business applicatons. Each of our applications and utilities are available for evaluation before purchase, by clicking on one of the download links below.
Kofax-Related Apps & Utilities
Image Express for Kofax
Image ExpressTM is a utility for automating the import of electronic documents into Kofax Capture. It is great for automating the processing of inbound electronic faxes, or scans from network-attached copiers and multi-function devices.
Kofax to Laserfiche Export Connector
Also known as a Release Script, sends Kofax output to Laserfiche during the Export (aka Release) step. Name Laserfiche folders and documents dynamically based on metadata. Requires live connection to a Laserfiche Repository.
Document Copy for Kofax
Adds right-click menu options within Kofax Scan and Q/C modules to quickly copy and manipulate pages or whole documents. Particularly handy for processing inbound faxes, customer statements, and medical forms.
Document Edit for Kofax
Adds right click option within Kofax Quality Control module to view and update batch and document index field values. Extremely valuable for quickly handling the few rejects within automated workflows.
Document Print for Kofax
Adds right click option to Print Documents or pages from within Kofax Capture, or copy the underlying document image to a folder location.
Document Split for Kofax
Custom Module for Kofax that splits multipage documents into single page documents of the same type as the original document.
Laserfiche-Related Apps & Utilitites
Laserfiche Import
A configurable application for importing documents and associated meta data into Laserfiche, based on information contained in various import file formats. Can be run ad hoc or as a scheduled process. Compatible for importing data files from Psigen, Kofax Capture, Kofax Express and many other applications. Special volume pricing is offerred to Service Bureaus capturing documents for Laserfiche customers.
Laserfiche Merge/Archive Utility
A dual purpose tool for managing document versions within Laserfiche. Merge documents together or Archive them to specified locations based on metadata values. The process of setting up Merge or Archive processes is simple, and once configured, individual Merge or Archive function definitions can be run as recurring tasks or on an ad hoc basis.
Laserfiche Integration with Advisors Assistant
Our Imaging Assistant for Laserfiche application is tightly integrated with Advisors Assistant. Documents in Laserfiche show up as file links within each client in Advisors Assistant, like any other linked or attached document. Also included is a document linking application that runs within Laserfiche to link existing customer folders or individual documents to Advisors Assistant CLient records.